Is hair transplant permanent?

Is a hair transplant permanent?

The short answer is: YES.

The hair removed from the back of the scalp is different to the hair at the crown and forehead. This hair is not effected by Male pattern baldness so it is permanent hair.

The only effects on your health from our hair replacement solutions are the positive psychological boost in confidence you’ll get by getting back the hair you’ve lost.
Hair transplant surgery like other types of cosmetic surgery can transform how we look and makes us more confident. Hairloss normally occurs at the front, top and/or crown of the head. The hair at the back and sides of the scalp usually grows for life (the permanent area). Hair transplant surgery works by using remaining hair from the permanent area and transplanting it to areas of hair loss. This creates the appearance of a much fuller head of hair.

The surgeons who perform our hair transplants are internationally recognised for their expertise in state of the art hair transplant techniques. They have either learnt their art from the pioneers of hair transplant surgery or in several instances created or refined techniques themselves. They use micro-grafting where individual hairs are transplanted. This ensures that the hairline looks natural.

We guarantee 95% of hair grafts will grow into permanent hair. The major advantages of hair transplant surgery are that there are no expenses or maintainence required after the procedure. So that means you won’t have to spend money on creams, lotions, special shampoos, prescription medications or chemicals. You don’t have to endure the inconvenience and loss of time involved in remembering to take pills, rub special lotions into your head or having hair pieces serviced and maintained.

It’s the most natural solution to hair loss as its your hair growing. After you’ve had the procedure and your hair is growing in areas in which you previously experienced hair loss no-one will know you’ve ever had anything done unless you choose to tell them. Hair transplant surgery is the natural solution to hair loss.

Please note that you are unlikely to be a good candidate for hair transplant surgery if you are under 30. For those experiencing hair loss who are in their teens or 20s we can recommend other suitable options.

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