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Hair loss can affect you on many levels. It not only changes your appear but can change your self-image and others’ perceptions of you. With realistic expectations hair replacement and hair transplant surgery can be life changing.

It is easy for those with a full head of hair to say it’s vain to want hair. It is a biological and genetic reality that humans naturally prefer youthful looks. Baldness makes you look older exaggerating existing facial aging. Male pattern baldness is the cause of the vast majority of cases of hair loss. Don’t believe old wives’ tales about poor circulation, wearing hats or using the wrong hair products. The simple fact is the hair loss is a genetic reality for many men and women. The people involved in creating this site have all had direct experience of hair loss and its effects. On the internet and in small ads you’ll see advertised wonder pills, creams and shampoos. You can do your own research or take our word for it – either way you’ll find yourself coming to same conclusion that all these so-called wonder products are just snake oil and are a waste of your hard earned money as they simply don’t work.

Review the best hair transplant doctors in Melbourne and their prices and costs.

Dr Bruce



The method of FUE hair transplants is ideal and recommended for patients who, upon medical advice, will not require >3500 grafts in total during their life.

During an FUE procedure, donor hair will be removed as small groupings of follicles, as little as singular follicles, in order to maintain a high level of healthy usable hairs. The lasting benefits of the FUE method are seen in the minimal scarring and immediate recovery of the donor area.

There will be no cutting or stitches required, and as a matter of course, resulting in little to NO PAIN post operation, with patients able to behave naturally without needing downtime. Patients need not be concerned regarding camouflage of the donor area during recovery; this is due to the only traces being minuscule marks, which will be indiscernible in even a closely trimmed donor area, even at No. 1 or No. 2 cuts. So there is no need to change or cover your hairstyle, even for those who like to keep it short. This also helps to ease and aid the recovery process, as minimal pain and discomfort is expected.

The maximum quantity of grafts during one procedure (one day), will be limited to 2000. Smaller procedures are available to patients who find it preferable to reestablish hair growth gradually over time, and/or for those who require as little downtime or disruption as possible. Many patients will be pleased to know that smaller cases will potentially be eligible for Non Shaven FUE, meaning only the vital donor areas will be clipped, allowing remaining hair to mask mere insignificant sections. With regards to cost, the smaller procedures may also be more economical, allowing patients to begin the process sooner than they may have anticipated, and to reap all the benefits of this method.

Dr Alam


Dr Alam himself will make sure that he understands your expectations in hairline or crown design by meticulously checking aesthetic measurements over & over again. Before taking you in to theatre, Dr Alam will make sure you are completely satisfied with the design he created with you.


Paras Hair Transplant Clinics are hair loss clinics in Melbourne and Sydney, dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of hair loss. We provide a high standard of care in the field of Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplant surgery with the latest medical advancements.

Paras Hair Transplant Clinics diagnose and treat hair loss (including androgenetic alopecia). We offer hair transplant treatments for men and women (including male pattern hair loss), and hair loss or sparseness in the beard and eyebrows. People who have had prior botched procedures come to us for FUT scar repair and where depleted donor hair may require the use of body hair to supplement hair transplantation.

Follicular Unit Extraction is the no-scalpel, no-suture hair transplant surgery technique performed at Paras Hair Transplant. This procedure involves meticulous one-by-one removal of healthy hairs (follicular units) from the back of the scalp, followed by implantation into the balding areas. It is a permanent, minimally invasive, effective procedure that avoids any need for scalpels, IV sedation, or strong painkillers.

Paras Hair Transplant Clinic utilise a “No-Scalpel, No Suture” technique called Follicular Unit Extraction and Implantation. This procedure involves meticulous “one-by-one” removal of healthy hairs (“Follicular Units”) from the back of the scalp, followed by implantation into the balding areas. There is a strong emphasis on graft survival, which is maximised by reduced handling of follicles, less time out of the scalp, and careful implantation.

Martinick Hair Restoration


Whether you are deciding to have hair transplant surgery or you are exploring your options for treating hair loss, we’re glad that you have included Martinick Hair Restoration in your research journey. If you have been thinking about hair transplantation for a while, it’s likely that you’ve encountered an enormous amount of information about the subject.

There’s plenty of valuable information available, however it’s important to be mindful that a lot of confusing material exists about the causes of hair loss, treatments, the medications on offer and the surgical and non-surgical solutions. We strongly advocate that you research this subject, however we stress the importance of having a consultation with a professional specialising in hair loss before you decide on a treatment path.

The best way to identify the cause of your hair loss and obtain an appropriate treatment plan is through a consultation with a medical professional specialising in the field. Our consultants at Martinick Hair Restoration clinics will provide you with an extensive diagnosis on your hair loss as well as advice on Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) approved medications and topical treatments for preserving your existing hair.

Vinci Hair Clinic


Our continued success story makes Vinci Hair Clinic the fastest growing, and most experienced scalp pigmentation clinic in Australia. We have delivered thousands of high quality procedures at our Australian clinics, helping both men and women to transform their problem hairlines. Building on the success of our clinic in Sydney, we are now delighted to be offering Micro Scalp Pigmentation in Melbourne, bringing this fantastic treatment for hair loss to this important city in Australia.

Our hair restoration treatments have featured on BBC TV, ITV and in Men’s Health magazine. Our outstanding reputation for consistently delivering high quality, natural looking results. Vinci Hair Clinic Melbourne offers you help with balding and thinning hair whether you are a female or a male client using primarily the SMP Scalp MicroPigmentation treatment, also we offer help for alopecia sufferers and those wanting to cover old and unsightly hair transplants scars.

We hope our experience, size and reputation gives you the confidence to book a consultation at our Scalp MicroPigmentation clinic in Melbourne, and that our results we achieve with our clients give you the confidence to have your treatment with us. If you are concerned about your hair loss, please arrange a free, no obligation consultation today.

SMP is a revolutionary procedure provided by Vinci Hair Clinic in Melbourne for the treatment of alopecia, baldness and thinning hair. SMP is a treatment for both men and woman and is undertaken by a process that involves injecting specific colour tones of medical grade pigments in to the epidermis layer of the skin, thus replicating a hair follicle.

The Knudsen Clinic


The Knudsen Clinic was established in 1984 by Dr Russell Knudsen, who is considered as one of the pioneers of modern hair transplant surgery in Australia. Dr Knudsen’s aim was to offer treatments for hair loss that are effective, undetectable, affordable and based on scientific evidence.

Hair transplant surgery is a procedure performed on both men and women under local anaesthetic with minor sedation, where small, naturally-occurring groups of hairs (follicular units grafts) are taken from the back of the scalp and replanted in the areas of thinning or balding.

Grafts have either one, two or three hairs in them, kept in their natural groupings. The degree of balding or thinning a person is experiencing determines how many grafts will be needed. As the hairs are taken in their natural groupings, the result of a hair transplant surgery is undetectable and looks completely natural. The two main approaches to hair transplant surgery are Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)​.

Dr Knudsen has built the clinical reputation of his clinics on evidenced-based treatment, which has lead to expanding in his clinics in Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Auckland New Zealand. He has performed 10,000+ hair transplants over 37+ years of clinical practice.

The Knudsen Clinic is world renowned as a leader in hair restoration, hair transplantation and the treatment of all types of hair loss. Hair loss treatments includes hairline lowering, scarring hair loss from any cause, alopecia and eyebrow transplants.

Darling Buds Hair Transplant Center


Darling Buds Hair Transplant Center is a recognised hair transplant clinic in Chandigarh. The clinic is run by Dr. Tejinder Bhatti who is an experienced hair transplant surgeon. The clinic is fully dedicated to FUE hair transplantation, which is a minimally invasive method for hair transplant.

The doctor has a long experience in hair transplants and has done more than 3000 successful FUE hair transplants. Dr. Bhatti has also done hair transplantation of international patients. If you are looking for hair transplant clinic in Melbourne with 100% success rate, visit us.

Apart from FUE hair transplantation, the doctor has also done FUT hair transplantation. His FUT hair transplantation also brought excellent results to the patients. Because FUE is the minimally invasive method and is far better than the FUT, the clinic has shifted to FUE hair transplantation. Our clinic is the best place for the patients who are searching only for the FUE hair transplant in Melbourne.

Being one of the recognised hair transplant clinics in Melbourne, we provide the best-in-class hair transplant services.

  • Male pattern baldness: This is the type of hair loss which takes place in male patients due to hormonal imbalance.
  • Female pattern baldness: This is the type of hair loss which takes place in female patients due to hormonal imbalance.
  • Failed hair transplantation repair: If you have taken hair transplantation services from another clinic but you are not satisfied due to the poor grafting of the hair, you can visit us. We provide hair transplantation services for the same.
  • Body hair transplant: Our hair transplant doctors are experienced in body hair transplantation.
  • Hairline reconstruction: Our medications and surgery help patients develop hairline on the scalp.



Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

Grow your own hair naturally with Dr. Chan’s Ultra Fine FUE transplant technique. At AHTI, a hair transplant is not just about replacing lost hair or quoting the number of graft. We work with you to achieve the desired aesthetic appearance and help you regain your confidence. We also plan for the future by preventing further hair loss and making sure your transplant compliments your appearance with time.

With years of research and experience, our chief surgeon, Dr. Johnathan Chan is a true leader in the field of hair transplants so you can be sure that you will get the highest standard of hair surgery you won’t find anywhere else. Dr Chan is one of the first hair surgeon to specialise in hairline and eyebrow transplants. He has developed a unique method of Ultra Fine Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) for successful hair regrowth.

To regrow your hair naturally, Dr Chan manually uses a small extractor tool* (0.6-0.7 mm) to transplant hair follicles (hair cells) from your scalp and/or body into the parts of your scalp or face where your natural hair no longer grows. Since hair follicles are “pockets” of delicate hair cells, the maximal survival rate is guaranteed when handled with utmost care. In our opinion, extraction using machine will potentially increase the unnecessary damage to the cells resulting in lower survival. ALL delicate surgeries are still best performed by skilled surgeon’s hands, NOT machine.

Advanced Hair Clinic


Hair transplants used to conjure images of splotchy, unnatural and generally embarrassing patches. More sophisticated methods have been developed which take into account the profile of each individual hair follicle. These new methods allow manual adjustment of hair follicles, resulting in the achievement of a look that is incredibly lifelike.

For anyone still suffering from the charisma-sapping effects of hair loss, you should know that the stigma around hair transplants simply does not hold up anymore. Advanced Hair Studio offers you the chance to get a permanent solution to regrowing your old hair and to thereby get natural hair back.

In a FUE hair transplant, each individual follicle is selected from around the scalp and distributed to mimic the orientation of natural hair. This means that surgeons have a much greater control over the entire process, and scarring can be minimised. The procedure has a typically shorter healing time which results in much less scarring as compared to its traditional counterpart. This means anyone undergoing FUE can get back on their feet in no time.

This technique is different from Follicular Unit Transplantation, an advanced form of the traditional method, that involves removing a small tissue strip (giving rise to the characteristic strip scars), upon which small groups of follicular units are harvested and transplanted to donor regions.

FUE is used by Advanced Hair Studio in our industry-leading Strand-by-Strand HairGRAFT technique. This allows surgeons complete control over the process, thereby creating totally natural hair replacement. The success of our transplanted grafts is higher than 90%, and approaching 100%.

Strand-by-Strand HairGRAFT is a permanent hair restoration. Once the new hair grows there is no need for special care or maintenance; the transplanted hair will continue to grow naturally. It is recommended that after the transplant has been completed, clients commence Advanced Laser Therapy to assist with healing and healthy, strong regrowth.

Medihair Hair Transplant Clinics


At Medihair we’ve seen first-hand the devastating effect hair loss can have on your appearance, self-confidence and intimate relationships. We have also seen the joy and freedom that a successful hair transplant can deliver.

Growing your own natural hair is an exciting and REAL prospect thanks to the latest FUE and FUT surgical hair transplant procedures. Combining decades of knowledge and experience, our surgeons and hair stylists work with flawless precision to deliver superior long-lasting results, tailored to your needs and expectations.


FUE and FUT deliver the thickest and best-looking results, however they differ in how the hair follicles are extrcted, and have advantages and disadvantages.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

  • Hair follicles are removed one at a time
  • No visible scarring so you can shave your head
  • Fast recovery process
  • Ideal for large procedures

Follicular unit transplantation (FUT)

  • More suitable if you have fine hair
  • Allows you to have a short haircut at the back
  • Fast recovery process
  • Ideal for large procedures

Excellent Micro FUE by Dr Spano


Hair loss occurs in bursts during your life, with men reporting periods of excess shedding of their hair. The amount of men that suffer from male pattern hair loss is approximately 30% at the age of 30 and up to 50% at the age of 50. ⁠ This does not mean the end of the road. Hair restoration can recover what was once lost, and even improve hairlines to your desired effect. ⁠

FUE is recommended for:

  • Patients who like wearing their hair very short in the donor zone or who one day might consider shaving off all their hair
  • Patients who only require a small hair transplant, for example to hide the scar of a face lift or an eyebrow transplant.
  • Patients having a poor donor area but having other hairy parts of their body whose hair can be used.
  • Patients who wish to hide the scar of a previous FUT hair transplant.
  • Sporty patients who cannot reduce their activity for a long time.



The Hairlogica Clinic Melbourne, has been at the forefront of hair loss innovation and treatment procedures for over a decade. With a reputation for state of the art technology coupled with customer service excellence, Hairlogica continues to grow in both reputation and client base. A burgeoning centre of hair loss innovation that is results and patient satisfaction driven, Hairlogica can tailor customised solutions that other providers cannot. At Hairlogica, we offer an extensive range of treatments to people suffering from hair loss, regardless of clinical or genetic cause.

With many years of experience within the industry, our specialists offer exceptional skill and knowledge whilst they continue to keep abreast of best practices and the very latest in modern technology and techniques. If you are seeking the expertise of a reliable, reputable hair loss specialist in Melbourne, look no further than Hairlogica.

At Hairlogica we offer the most highly regarded and sought after hair loss specialists in Melbourne, a team of qualified and experienced professionals with many years of experience in the hair loss industry. This nucleus of specialists ensures that your need is comprehensively assessed with treatment options recommended that are unanimously selected as the optimal course of treatment for your hair loss condition.

DHI Hair Restoration Clinic


Providing the most advanced and effective hair restoration procedures available. Dr Hair specialises in the Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) Technique and is the one-and-only DHI certified and authorised clinic in Melbourne.

Our Medical Director, Dr Baj, has extensive experience in repair cases and large session sizes. Recognised for delivering the most natural looking results, his work helps clients looking for a world-class hair transplant find it right here in Melbourne. Book in for a consultation today with Dr Baj at our clinic in North Melbourne.

You may be looking at lowering your hairline, correcting receding temples or covering your crown. We work with you to achieve the results you want. An experienced Doctor extracts each follicle one-by-one using a manual punch less than 1mm in diameter. This offers great control over the angle and depth during extraction and provides the best tactile feedback to the Doctor. The preserved follicles are then implanted one-by-one using the patented DHI Implanter which allows implantation in one motion without cutting or creating any slits in the scalp. Your Doctor has full control of the depth, direction and angle of implantation to ensure a 100% natural looking result. 1 or 2 Day Sessions |  Starting from $5,000 by a Doctor.

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