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9 Things to Watch Out For with Cheap Hair Transplants

cheap hair transplants


When someone has had hair issues for the longest time and has been avoiding the unwanted attention at all cost, a hair transplant sounds like the best solution to stop the torment once and for all. The thing is, it comes with a price and it is not cheap. While the need is immediate for a lot of those who want to get it, the cash is not as fast. Here comes in those cheap hair transplant centers promoting themselves as the best thing that could ever happen in your life. But are they? Or are they walking time bombs about to set your life on fire? Know the 10 reasons why you need to think twice about getting your hair transplants done for half the price.

The Look is Terrible

Patients who go in for a procedure are not too keen on being obvious that they had something done. For some men, it is still a taboo to undergo any aesthetic procedure and to have this type of surgery is a big risk for their egos. Since the procedure is cheap, do not expect the kind of seamless quality that the real professionals are able to assure to their clients. In other words, the transplant would be so obvious that it would appear like you are wearing something artificial on your head.

Procedures are Permanent

This procedure will result in permanent changes on your scalp and these are mostly irreversible. Harvesting would require the uprooting of hair follicles, and if it is not done properly, it can leave some unsightly scars from the donor area. Such scars will not be visible once it is concealed by the surrounding hair, but with wrong technique, it can leave unsightly scars.

More painful

One of the biggest reasons why men do not want it is the pain that comes along with it. Cheaper clinics tend to just want to get things done and over with without really considering what the patient is feeling during the procedure. It simply stems from the fact that they see the transplant as a business and is not something they are really passionate about. And whenever that is the attitude of the doctor, then he can simply be neglectful and apathetic about your case. Since the price is cheap, there is a possibility that the anesthesiologist would be substandard as well.

Lower Cost, Lower Quality

Becoming a plastic surgeon is not easy. And getting the degree is no guarantee that you will become a good one. It is a combination of dedication, education, experience, and great aesthetics. When you work hard for all of those, you would definitely know that you will not give your services for a cheap price. It is not just logical unless it is your form of community service. So, when someone offers you something that is way cheaper than the regular rates, expect something to be amiss.

Increased Cost

On the surface, everything looks like you just nabbed a great deal. It is because they want to entice you to get their services. However, in the long run, there is a big chance that you will not be happy with the results and it will take time for you to finally realize that you did not get the procedure you wanted. To save face and hair, you will go to another doctor. If you have learned from your mistake, you will not go to another cheap doctor anymore. This situation increases the cost and leaves a bigger dent in your budget instead.

No Post-Surgical Care

As soon as you walk out of the clinic, they know that you will come back, but for the wrong reason. When the provider has a more entrepreneurial point of view, the post-surgical care will not be a priority. In this case, they see your return as another opportunity to make money and therefore would not mind to see you again and again. So before you leave, be sure that the instructions are clear and you know exactly what to do when emergencies arise. It is important that you get a good idea of what to expect after the procedure. This might save you time and hard earned money.

Scarring is More Prevalent

The technology of hair transplants has made it possible for you to have the procedure without worrying about the visible scars that are expected to appear after the surgery. When the technology is not mastered enough, there is a good chance for complications to occur.

Shady Deals

You can definitely smell a shady deal from a mile away when the surgeon offers you a lot of other services that are not related to your hair transplant. They would sell them under the guise of using the transplant as an opportunity for you to improve yourself a bit more in other areas of your body. So when the doctor starts bringing out a list of his “other services” and even throws some in as “freebies” that is your queue to run as far away from that provider as possible.

No Guarantee

Cheap hair transplant would leave one to assume that they are not affiliated with any reputable organization and may even be showing dubious credentials. So before biting the bait, do yourself a favor and know your provider as much as you can before pushing through with your transplant.

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5 Risky Reasons in Getting Cheap Hair Transplant


Hair problems have plagued us for the longest time but it is only now that people have become more open and willing to look for its cure. This need has created a boom for the hair transplant industry, attracting a lot of clinics that promise to give you back your missing hair strands. However, you need to be wary of promises that come at a very low price. Below are some of the reasons why you should never scrimp on hair transplant and the possible dangers you might be putting yourself into when you do.

Unbelievably Cheap is Never Good

Before going to a hair surgeon, make sure that you are aware of the industry and the prices that are currently being offered. If you find the price absurdly low compared to the others, something has got to give and the first thing that usually does is the quality of the work.

Always remember that nothing is free. So, everything that is factored into the cost translates into an expense that is necessary to provide you the procedure.

Clinics have overhead cost and it does take a lot of money to run them. Every clinic invests on a team of qualified and credible team of experts who will take care of your hair loss needs from start to finish — from the doctor, nurses, and other professionals like the anesthesiologists and even the secretary. No surgery can ever happen without the necessary medications and they require money too. Rent or lease also takes a big chunk of the cost. So, to run a successful and reputable business, you really need to charge such costs to your clients.

To top it all off, hair transplants are invasive and as such, not only calls for expertise but also the surgeon’s critical eye to detail and aesthetics to give you the results that you desire. So, if your hair surgeon offers you ridiculously low offer or starts to offer you a lot of other things aside from the hair transplant itself, consider how the following would affect the success of your hair transplant.

Possibly Hardly Any Training and Certification

Hair transplants require a lot in terms of a doctor’s expertise and experience, hence they do not come cheap. This kind of training is specialized, which means time, hard work, and money invested by the practitioner to provide optimum results for the patient. After the training, certification should also be double-checked to be absolutely positive that the clinic can deliver the goods. Certification also costs a lot but it is a great investment for professionals who value the legitimacy of their business. If the clinic is willing to offer their services for cheap prices, think of what they can actually do without the proper training and certification of the clinics with higher prices.

Low Pay Equals Low Motivation

Salaries represent a huge chunk of the overhead cost of a clinic. If the business claims to run at the rate they are giving, the salaries would definitely take the cut. What happens if the staff is demotivated or not even motivated at all? The service suffers and this is bound to create more problems than you can ever imagine. The chances of getting a botched transplant increase tremendously and this can happen so easily, granted that the procedure deals with fine and delicate materials that require a lot of precision and care. When an employee is properly compensated, there would be a genuine concern for the welfare of the patient.

Part-Time Clinics

To save on cost, the clinic might hire their people on a part-time basis. Nothing out of the ordinary if you think of it. But here’s the thing. Let us say 3,000 grafts are required for the transplant and it would need more than 7 hours for everything to be completed. The result is a look that seems to be just around 800 grafts. By factoring the part time element into the picture, the people of the clinic would try to rush everything according to the time they are paid. Unfortunately, it is the patient who will suffer from the bad results that could include obvious looking transplants and bad hair growth.

Unethical Surgical Hair Restoration Practices

Every country should have a regulatory board that provides potential patients valuable information on how the procedure should be. If you find any inconsistencies between the offer and the information provided by the board, do not push through.

One such unethical practice is promoting a non-scarring procedure in the guise of pitting FUE vs FUT. This is absolutely unethical because both approaches have their merits and it is up to the patient to chose what is best for them.

Another empty promise is a head full of hair. Though the goal is to restore the natural fullness of the scalp, this takes time and shall never manifest immediately if ever it does. An expert would never utter such promises because he knows what that promise truly means.

Some clinics would also have the audacity to let the secretary face the patient instead of the doctor who is supposed to do the procedure. Simply and completely unethical, it also says a lot about the dedication of the doctor and the clinic itself to the outcome that they guarantee. A secretary would never be able to answer any of the important technical concerns and can only sell more services at most and this is irresponsibility at its worst.

When a clinic sells you other things aside from their expertise, be immediately on your toes. Some would sell machines that are supposed to do the job. Not that anything is wrong with technology, but at this point, the sophistication of such machines has yet to reach the efficiency required to do the job.

And finally, there are clinics that are owned and operated by non-physicians who have this dubious set-up of employing physicians that are at their clinics but hardly have anything to do with the surgery itself. This is absolutely a sure-fire formula for a hair disaster that’s just waiting to happen.

Should any of these manifest before your scheduled transplant, do not think twice and just walk away.

If you are looking for a hair transplant clinic that will provide you value for money quality results, visit us now at the Australian Institute for Hair Restoration. Our resident hair restoration expert, Dr. Andrew Kim, has been in the industry for a number of years. Dr. Kim is well-trained in both FUE and FUT methods and has a long list of satisfied clients.

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5 Questions to Ask Before Getting Hair Transplant 



Hair transplants are as life changing as they can be risky when done by inexperienced hands.

The desire to transform one’s look can be so overwhelming that people do not get their feet wet anymore and just dive while throwing all caution to the wind. To get the best hair transplant you could possible get, read on to find out the most important point to know before getting anything done.

Who are the Best Candidates for Hair Transplants?

Before you immediately proceed to a surgeon for your hair transplant, you should first go to a professional and well-experienced doctor to know exactly how your hair loss should be managed.

It is important to consider the progressive nature of balding caused by genetic male pattern hair loss. The scalp should have a certain amount of maturity before doctors can accurately diagnose the status of the hair loss of the patient. Normally after the initial diagnosis, the patient is prescribed with Finasteride, which is considered as a very potent medication for stopping the progression of balding. In some cases, it is able to reverse the process. If the patient continues to experience balding, then hair transplant should be considered as the last resort.

What are Your Procedure Options?

Aside from hair transplant, there are other viable options for balding men. For those who abhor scars, there is the NeoGraft, which is a more advanced version of follicular unit extraction (FUE) that utilizes an automated air pressure system to do the extraction of the hair follicles and improve the outcome of the process. Because it is minimally invasive, patients would hardly feel any discomfort and the risk of complications diminishes.

Other options include the traditional follicular unit extraction (FUE), topical medicine, and low-level light therapy (LLLT). Since it is not automated, the traditional FUE is basically longer, more tedious, and more expensive. Topical products like Rogaine help patients maintain and even grow new hair. However, the use of there products should never stop because that would bring the patient back to square one. With LLT, low-powered laser is used to target hair follicle cells to reverse hair loss and stimulate the scalp for new hair growth.

Who is Your Team?

A lot of patients are getting hair transplants for the first time and would be in need of a good surgeon to work with for this incredibly life-changing procedure. To look for that doctor, the patient should carefully scrutinize the education of the surgeon and make sure that the good doctor is certified to perform the procedure and is a bonafide member of relevant associations.

Experience in giving the procedure should also be included in your investigation because this will ensure your confidence on your surgeon. When a surgeon regularly does it, he maintains his capability to do it flawlessly. Always ask for before and after pictures to know if your expectations match the aesthetics of the good doctor.

Along with the doctor should be his team of an anesthetist, nurses and other medical assistants. Make sure they are all properly trained and duly certified. The facility where the transplant will take place should also be legal and affiliated with medical institutions to take care of anything untoward that may happen to you.

What are the Risks?

Medical procedures are bound to have risks and the patient needs to know them beforehand. Though there is a big chance that the patient will not feel anything during the procedure because your scalp has been treated with a local anesthetic, there are some complications that might happen, which include bleeding, scarring, and infection.

Should your surgeon miscalculate further, the result might end up a disaster with the new hair looking nothing like the neighboring hair from the unaffected areas of the scalp. This shall make the hair transplant look really obvious and simply defeats the purpose of getting one.

What are the Post-surgery Precautions?

Before getting the procedure, make sure that you give ample time before going back to your regular routine. You need to take a couple days of rest and extensive care for the transplanted area. Your surgeon will inform you of what you have to do to care for your scalp properly. Patients should religiously follow them to avoid any side effects. Some of these measures include sleeping on the patient’s back only. The head should not touch anything, especially the surgical site. The follicles are very fragile and should be very well protected.

Learn more about the hair transplant process and how to prepare for it. When in Australia, visit Dr. Andrew Kim of the Australian Institute for Hair Restoration.

Top 10 Countries for Affordable Hair Transplants 



Hair loss has been on the rise and has affected men at an earlier age.

This makes hair transplants a much sought after procedure for men who want a permanent solution to their hair misery. Though the desire is strong, the wallet is weak for a majority of these men and this has led to hair transplants in countries where the cost is absolutely lower. This and the vacation package that they sell it with at still really affordable prices make it an excellent opportunity for such patients. Below are the countries you can count on for such procedures.

Why Outside the Country?

Aside from the significant difference in the price department, hair transplant in other countries give men the option to have it done incognito. Some still appreciate this approach due to deeply rooted perceptions of surgery in their culture and society. More than the secrecy of the act, it also gives a very valid excuse to go on vacation, something most men would not do unless really needed.

This break is also the perfect time for the patient to heal and enjoy the scenery of a foreign country.


Recent developments in this country have led to its stature as one of the most popular countries for hair transplants. There has been a significant increase in the population of both men and women who are more in control of their lives and would do everything they can to improve their appearance. Most of them want to regain their youth and that of course includes getting back their hair. At this point, the figures are expected to increase to more than 25% in specific cities like Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Bangalore.

And to top it all off, India remains to be satisfyingly exotic destination for culturally rewarding vacations.

Dominican Republic

No matter how beautiful a destination is, no hair transplant patient would go there if the facilities and expertise were not exceptional. And this is what the Dominican Republic can offer at a lower price and with a vacation on this gorgeous island. Known for its beautiful beaches, very warm, people, and rich culture, it is perfect for those who want to get away for a while and just have fun. The country has already enjoyed the uptick in the number of hair loss patients worldwide and there are no signs of the trend backing off.


Aside from the new medical equipment and the naturally warm and friendly demeanor of their doctors, Turkey has become one of the most popular destinations for hair transplant because of the compassion that the professionals have for their patients. Most of its visitors come from Europe and the Middle East countries. Business has truly boomed in here that Istanbul already has 350 clinics on its own. Projections show that this industry contributes significantly to their economy. A good reason for this is the price. A “Wayne Rooney” in the UK would cost you around 12,000 euros while a trip to Turkey would be around 1,500 euros. The huge price difference is truly convincing.


Mexico has gained popularity for being a top destination for hair transplants because of the patients were amazed by the price of the procedure there. You can save almost up to 70% compared to other countries. The expertise shall not be left behind as well because the country has given more attention and special focus on the treatment of this hair condition. Such efforts have added to the success of the country as a top destination for hair transplants with the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery declaring 15,611 patients for this procedure done in Mexico and South America. The figures have steadily increased since then.


Known for the thousands of islands that make up this country as well as their boreal forests and glaciated mountains, Sweden is one of the Scandinavian countries that should be visited for its natural beauty. Along with the breathtaking view that you can get here, there is a big increase in the number of clinics that offer hair transplants. Though not as big as its Mexican counterpart, the sales have been registering positive numbers with the market already estimated at 65 million per year. So if you are from the neighboring areas, the country is a very good place to rejuvenate and transform yourself into your best form ever.

Costa Rica

If you are the rugged traveler, you might want to consider Costa Rica, a tropical destination with beautiful coastlines on the Caribbean and the Pacific. It is also brimming with culture, as it is the home of some important cultural institutions like the Pre-Columbian Gold Museum. More importantly, the country has started becoming known for the quality of the hair transplants they could give. In 2013, no less than 15,611 hair restoration procedures where successfully given in their region alone.


If you want to go to Europe for a vacation and more importantly, a provider of cosmetic medical procedures, you have to try the goddess of them all and that is Greece. Figures from 2013 alone specifically list 54,343 procedures and the numbers have not stopped coming since then. Another unique offer from this country that you can count on are the specialized treatments and procedures and this is solely because the doctors they have there have varied specialties, making them the experts in their chosen fields.

To prove this point, specialists from all over the world have come to Greece to get the right education they need for their professions.


Nobody beats Thailand as far as medical procedures are concerned. A lot of its tourists visit the country solely for the procedures that they give. This makes Thailand the leading country in Asia for hair transplants too. Word has spread about this country and this propelled it to its steady increase of patients as the years progress. Not only do they provide excellent service, the price has also been considered as one of the lowest in the hair loss industry.


Another rising star from Asia in the hair procedure industry is the Philippines. This country is proud of the 7,600 islands in their archipelago with every island offering some of the prettiest and most fantastic beaches in the world. If price is the issue, this country shall pass with flying colors with its prices ranking as some of the lowest in the global market. Quality is also unquestioned with the services they provide that are often compared to their American or European counterparts. And if you are in a hurry or have a really tight schedule, look no more as the waiting time for patients to get their transplants are very short.


With the figures having been recorded at 15,867 for surgical and non-surgical procedures worldwide, Australia still presents itself as a successful option that patients should also look into. This country provides some of the least invasive procedure in town, which actually means that the patient can expect minimal to almost non-existent pain while being assured that no stitch nor scar shall ever be seen. On top of this, the results have also been touted as one of the most natural looking in the field.

These countries may offer cheap hair transplant, but they do not skimp on quality. Just make sure you get the services of only the credible and board-certified surgeons.

In Australia, Dr. Andrew Kim of the Australian Institute for Hair Restoration is the one to approach. Dr. Kim is board-certified and has an extensive list of satisfied customers. Call us now or simply fill-out our inquiry form to schedule your consultation with Dr. Kim today.


The Danger of Hair Transplant Abroad



A lot of hair transplant patients want to be discreet about their procedures and would prefer to have it outside the country for that reason.

They also see it as a vacation and a chance experience other cultures, which is perfect for patients who love to travel. So when a doctor advertises his impressive credentials on top of exotic experiences you may have in his foreign country, it’s easy to get hooked in.

Like all things that sound fantastic, most of them are not true, along with hair transplants abroad that are marketed as a vacation treat as well. Hair transplants are not supposed to be fun. They are serious procedures that aim to provide a more permanent solution to balding and should be treated as such. Pairing them with a vacation just does not seem right.

Below are more reasons why you should think twice before deciding on getting one for yourself or your loved one.

You Won’t be Exactly Saving Money

Hair transplant is pretty costly in most countries and you need a really high paying job or a very fat bank account to go through it.

Cosmetic tourism was specifically created to cater to the market who have the money and would like to disappear for a while and come back with fuller hair to show off to their loved ones. However, the selling point for such procedures is the big price slash that you get because the surgeon works in a country with cheaper labor, compared to those in Europe or the U.S.

Now imagine if you got it out of the country, you will end up spending the money you saved from the price slash of the procedure on your airfare and accommodations for the next trip and the next for follow-up consultations. In the long run, there is the big risk of spending a lot more compared to having it in your native land. As your hair grows and progresses, there will be more treatments to follow and there is no guarantee that the results would be perfect all the time, increasing the chances of paying more for it in the long run.

As of this writing, 16.5% of the patients who got their transplants overseas experienced complications from their surgery. That is why we should never believe anything that is too good to be true. Most of the time, they end up as real disappointments.

As far as the vacation is concerned, it would be better to have them separately to allow you to focus on the procedure like the way you should be.

A Language Barrier

As much as they would claim their English proficiency to be at par with native speakers, that may not be the case all the time. Conversational English is pretty easy to master, but when you need to discuss medical terms and procedures; you can imagine the need for the language skill to be at par with a native. Unfortunately, not all countries can provide locals with that kind of proficiency.

This is not a simple case of getting a translator to express your needs and desires. Technical vocabulary and knowledge on hair transplant should be present in the mind of the doctor. Adding to this, it is important that the doctor needs to fully understand your needs as his patient. The number of times that a doctor has performed the procedure would also tell you how good he is already at what he is doing. Surgical experience can be more difficult to explain or express in another language. On top of everything else would be aesthetics. What we see and need should match what the doctor sees with his own eyes too. This is an area that you would like to be as accurate as possible and the language barrier might make that impossible to happen.

Different Standards with Different Procedures

Australia is known for its strict standards for customer satisfaction and this is something that actually protects its consumers from the unscrupulous individuals who might want to make a quick buck or two without giving you your money’s worth.

Having said that, there is no assurance that you will get the same quality that you get here in that country, regardless if it is a professional doctor or not. There may also some changes in the procedure to accommodate more patients and maximize their time of them. There would be no monitoring body to warn you about these irregularities, making your choice to go to that country for a hair transplant a dangerous one.

Another great danger in countries not having the same standards and licensing regulations is the increased risk of getting an infection. Now this infection may be related to the procedure or not, but one thing is for sure. You might unfortunately end up with medical issues that you have never encountered in your life. Aside from the infections, the threat of noroviruses is also imminent with a botched procedure.

Let’s say something does happen to you and you would like the accountable to pay for it, the chances of bringing the doctor to the court would be very difficult. You need to file a case in court and that is another totally different animal to deal with and your surgeon probably knows  this and considered this as a comforting thought.

So to add to the expenses to correct the mistakes of the surgeon, you would need to spend time to process everything in a foreign land so that would also require you to pay for accommodation, food, and other important amenities.

Irreversible Mistakes

To the really unlucky ones, there is a big chance that the inefficiency of the surgeon would result to damages that you would have to pay for the rest or your life. This means you are talking about additional procedures that would never end because some of these can only be altered to look as good as possible but never to regain its original form. Such mistakes include misaligned hairlines, different hair quality compared to the other hair in the affected area, irritated scalp that might cause more baldness that it wants to cover, and that toupee top that looks so dated and obvious for people to ridicule behind your back.

This can potentially ruin not only your scalp, but also your life as you know it. The hair is considered as the crowning glory of the person and nobody would like to look like a fool on a daily basis.

Long Waiting Period

Hair transplants require a couple of months for the results to fully come out from the scalp. While you are away from your surgeon, you do not want anybody to touch your hair when something wrong happens to it, forcing you to go back to the country where you got the transplant from. As a patient who never had the procedure, it’s normal to you to panic and get worried about the smallest of things because your doctor is far away is the most torturing for you. You can imagine the horror of those who do not have the money to go back to the country where they had it first.

If you are in Australia, there is no need to go abroad to get quality hair transplant done. Dr. Andrew Kim of the Australian Institute for Hair Restoration is a well-trained and board-certified surgeon who specializes in both FUE and FUT hair transplantation technique. His long list of satisfied clients will assure you of quality results.

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