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“Very happy with my results”
– Charles D / 2000 grafts

“To ALL the team at AIHR, I thank you from the bottom of my heart, for understanding my situation & how nervous I was. Dr Kim is truly a gifted & highly skilled surgeon and I’m loving my results”
– T.J / 1,750 grafts

“I must say, one of the best self improvement decisions I have ever made”
– J.C / 1400 grafts

“I was 48 years old, before I decided to do something about my hair loss, which had bothered me for 26 years..After now enjoying the results for the last 2 years and my new found sense of confidence, I really wish I had done this earlier. Thank you Dr Kim & his professional team”
– H.W / 3000 grafts

“I am pleased with the result of the hair transplant. Over a few months prior, I had noticed the hair on the top of my head thinning and it was becoming very apparent. After thinking on it for a while, I looked around and decided to go to AIHR for a hair transplant. They were professional in their approach and kept me informed every step of the way. It wasn’t a painful procedure and now the result is quite improved from when I went in for the first appointment. The transplant was done around 12 months ago. Looking at my hair now, I am impressed by the improved result along with the professional approach which AIHR uses. I would recommend them to people who are looking to have a hair transplant in the near future. Sincerely”
– John U.


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