When You Lose Your Hair Too Early

If you start losing your hair before you even reach your twenties can be significantly stressful for any guy. Aside from the damage it can do to your ego, it is also very limiting. Hair loss can signal all things negative; from stress, aging or unfortunate genes.

This distressing condition can first be evidenced by excessive hair falling when you comb it, or simply just a clump of it shedding while in the shower. For a man in late adulthood, it may be disappointing; however it is a common picture. But for someone who is still trying to mold an identity, this can be pretty traumatic.

You may experience some receding hairline, or little bald spot starting to develop at the top of your scalp. It would progress from thin to sparse over months or years, and then before you know it, pretty much every strand and every ounce of confidence goes down the drain.

But you should not lose hope because there can still be an answer to your hair problems. From hair creams, pills, hair pieces, to the most effective hair transplant surgery.

Yes, most of those who suffer would opt for a definite solution for this despairing condition. But before you finally choose invasive measures, it is best that you know what your chances for being a good candidate are.

First of all, you need to consult a licensed surgeon who is experienced with these kinds of procedures, and ask about your chances of developing a new set of hair with transplants. Because if you are still in your teens, doctors would suggest that you wait it out until you are at the right age, because one of the causes of this condition is hormonal changes.

Another reason is that the extent and pattern of hair loss still needs to be established first, because the progression of the condition is still unpredictable at this point. What could happen in the future is that you might need a correctional surgery to patch up a work that was prematurely done.

If you are in your twenties, and have those hormones settled down, a consult with a licensed physician would be best. Most of them would already give you the go signal once you reach the age of 21. Although you still need to undergo a thorough evaluation to determine the pattern of hair loss, and to identify the good donor sites.

You really should not feel hopeless when you are struck with male pattern baldness at a young age. There is always a chance and a way to restore those healthy locks, at the right time, under the right conditions.

Sometimes life can strike you with the most unfortunate condition at a most awkward point in your life. Alopecia can lead you helpless and hairless but with ground-breaking procedures such as FUT, which we offer at the Australian Institute for Hair Restoration, we can give you your confidence and full head of mane back. Visit our clinics located at Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Canberra and get yourself a free consultation today! We guarantee natural-looking results given to you by our expert hair technicians and surgeons headed by renowned surgeon, Dr. Andrew Kim.

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