What are the Chemicals that Harm the Hair

Nowadays we are given so many hair care products and hair treatment options. If you want to shine your hair, you can get a hair cellophane or hot oil treatment, or if you want to straighten it you have the option of using ceramic hair irons or have it rebonded. There are so many choices but each of these has the power to destroy your hair if left under the service of poorly competent hair care providers. So I find it best to educate you about the various chemicals that can really do damage to your hair.

Our hair grows only a few centimeters in a year, and if you repeatedly treat it with chemicals you just increase the risk of it breaking. Various chemicals will have different effects on the hair, and if you abuse it, you might as well decide if bald is a good look on you, because that is where you’d be heading.

Since we live in a world of irony where those who have curly hair wants to straighten it, and those whose hair are straight wants to put on some waves, hence the deluge of straightening and perming products.

You might have heard of hair relaxing. Honestly, if you think about it you really don’t relax the hair with this treatment. It requires a strong mix of chemicals that has to be in the right proportions to ensure that they are safe and effective to use. Unfortunately, there is always a big chance for error with this treatment, especially when it relies on a delicate balance of mixtures. But hair relaxing is always not a good option because it causes the hair to dry up and become brittle, making it much easier to break.

A better option than hair relaxing is hair rebond. The chemicals involved are gentler and it provides better results. However, improper spacing of treatments will also cause significant damage to the hair. The chemicals will weaken the hair, leading them to thin, break and shed.

The same thing happens with perms. The chemicals used are stronger in order to define the curls better. But the common risk here is that it easily dries up the moisture of the hair making it vulnerable to breaking.

One hair treatment that is commonly used for both men and women are hair colors. Although sometimes it may be necessary, especially when white hairs starts to line the head, constant color treatment can harm the hair, in fact it can even irritate the scalp. Over time with repeated use without the proper handling and spacing it will ultimately lead to hair loss.

Another form of hair color changing treatment is bleach. It is used to lighten the hair and removes stains resulting to even-colored locks. Although it may look good on some individuals, but one downside to bleaching is that it can easily weaken and thin the hair, thus increasing the risk of it shedding in excessive amounts.

Should you ever feel the need to have some hair treatment done, ensure that you get the best products and choose the right people to handle it. Some people have been going bald because of careless practice. The worst thing about this is that, you can’t grow fallen hair in a jiffy or paste them back on your head. So make sure that you treat your hair to only the best and you can be assured that it stays on your head.


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