Wayne Rooney Goes for Hair Transplant Revision?

Did Wayne Rooney had hair transplant revision?

Wayne Rooney ‘s Famous footballer,  underwent a second hair transplant over the weekend. The nine-hour surgery was done at the Harley Street Hair Clinic in London. It was a follow-up hair transplant for the first one that he got back in 2011.

According to the clinic, this was a standard procedure which was actually part of the £15,000 that Rooney paid for two years ago.

Nadeem Uddin Khan, who is the clinic director shared that Rooney visited them for a pre-planned second stage treatment of his hair transplant. It means that the operation was already in the works even way back 2 years ago.

Rooney was able to maintain the results of his hair transplant, but he continued to lose hair further back on his head near the crown area. This resulted to two noticeable bald patches, and the only way to remedy the problem is to get another hair transplant.

It was reported that the hair transplant result was a success, and that Rooney is excited to show the outcome transplant top-up in public.

Many noticed that the hair transplant procedure help build Rooney’s confidence. He even shared in his autobiography that losing hair in his 20’s got him down and that he found this to be rather stressful. This led many to believe that his new found confidence brought him his series of winning streaks.

The last time that he had the procedure done he was able to score nine goals in his first five Premier League matches. He also led his team to an 8-2 win against Arsenal three games after his hair transplant.

What happened here is that Rooney continued to suffer from hair loss which was sometimes the case especially when someone gets a hair transplant surgery earlier. Other patients who are older and whose hair loss has stabilized or has reached its course are able to get a hair transplant with no recurrence of any hair loss and balding.

But it does not mean that what Rooney had was wrong because there are patients who prefer to have the procedure done early on. It is the surgeon’s responsibility to inform what the possibilities are and should offer options and a future plan of action, which actually happened in the case of Wayne Rooney.

For those patients who have been taking a hair transplant medication prior to surgery, they are advised to continue the medication to prevent the hair loss from progressing and affecting other areas on the head.

Wayne Rooney was very proud of his procedure and was more than willing enough to share his hair restoration journey to the public. He even tweeted photos of his first results.

This was an encouragement for other men who are still struggling over how to go about with their hair loss. Getting a hair transplant procedure is nothing to be embarrassed about. It remains to be great news that Rooney was candid about his second procedure because it inspires other men to face this kind of dilemma and seek treatment for their baldness even at a younger age.