The Sexual Side Effects of Hair Loss Drugs

When it comes to hair loss treatment, one easiest solution that a victim can readily submit to are medications. The market offers several products promising to halt hair loss, restore hair growth and improve hair density. But on the background of all these enticing benefits are the accompanying side effects. And one major problem that hair loss drugs bring with them is adverse reactions concerning the male reproductive system.

As of the present, Merck & Co., which is the manufacturer of the hair loss drug Propecia and Proscar, expanded their warning label. Aside from treating hair loss, these medications are also found out to be causing a list of sexual problems which include a decreased libido, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and problems with orgasms. Studies also show that male fertility is also affected with these particular hair loss medications as a result of poor semen quality.

The label also stressed that the problems exist even after the medication has been stopped. And this has caused men much confusion because now they have to choose which one is more important, treating hair loss or avoid creating sexual problems.

Both can creates a strain on the person’s self-esteem and even with their relationships. So it is important that you know the repercussions of your decisions, when you choose one solution over the other.

That is why it is always necessary to get a consultation first if you want to treat your hair loss particularly with medications. In this way you can get sound medical advice on the best course of action that would suit your needs best. Medications may be the first treatment of choice, but the right one can be determined once you get a thorough evaluation and blood workup.

For all you know, you might not need a hair loss medication to treat your excessive shedding because there are certain conditions, such as thyroid problems, that can be treated by their respective drugs. A doctor might even advise you on hormone therapy to correct imbalances that may be causing the hair fall.

Another course of action that a man could take to avoid these sexual side effects of hair loss drug is to consider surgical intervention. Although it may be a much aggressive action, but with proper deliberation and preparation, you can get a full head of hair restored. Hair transplant may have its risks but it can be a good action to take if you want to avoid sexual dysfunction.

You must also consider the fact that medication has to be taken for the rest of your life if you want to maintain its benefits. But this also means that you will also be continuously exposed to the other problem. However you can always work closely with your doctor because you might be advised to have the regular follow-up check-ups or advised to use other medications instead.

But in all fairness to Propecia and Proscar, both drugs now have an extended warning label to inform both prescribing physicians and patients about the risks involved.