Scalp Reduction Surgery and Hair Transplant for Large Foreheads


The space of the forehead significantly affects the proportion of the face; this is why it remains to be a problem for those who tend to have an excessively high forehead. The reasons for this could be due to genetics or eyebrow surgery.  Men and women come in for consultations on how to best minimize this space without it looking awkward or unnatural.

There are actually two options on how to reduce forehead size and this is scalp reduction surgery and hair transplant.

Scalp Reduction Surgery

Scalp reduction surgery is a procedure where a piece of the scalp at the front of the current hairline is excised. The incisions are beveled so that the scars will be well hidden as the hairs grow through it over time.

Gender is also a factor that has to be considered when doing scalp reduction surgery or hair transplant.

The problem with hair loss presents itself differently for males and females. Men tend to have a receding hairline which often progress into total baldness, while women lose their hair in a diffused pattern all over the scalp. However the thinning which is most apparent near the hair line gives the impression that the woman is balding.

A lot of men have reservations with scalp reduction surgery. They fear that if they might experience balding later on or they might already have and it progresses after they have made the alterations on the hairline, they would end up with a very visible scar up front. Women don’t have this concern since they don’t experience this progression of hair loss.

The good thing about scalp reduction surgery for women in particular is that it creates proportional facial features.

This becomes beneficial for men in that some may not have as much hair grafts at the back of the head to create restore better density at the top. A scalp reduction would reduce the forehead space creating a fuller head of hair. But this would really depend on the surgeon’s assessment of your particular case.

Hair Transplant For Large Foreheads

For hair transplants the method used to reduce forehead size is Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), where hair grafts are individually removed from the donor area. This approach reduces the invasiveness compared to the traditional FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) or strip method is used. This is also more appropriate especially if hair transplant is done together with scalp reduction surgery. Less invasiveness means fewer traumas which allow the hairs to thrive better.

Take note that if these two procedures would have to be done on a patient they would have to be done apart. This is referred to as stages, and this approach is more suitable for men since they are at risk for balding.

Women only need a single stage process which involves either of the two forehead reduction procedures because they are less prone to baldness.



There are certain risks and side effects to these procedures. And you can expect this to be discussed with your surgeon during consultation. Factors such as aging, skin strength and progression of hair loss are just some of the things that have to be considered in the long term.

But most of all if you want to ensure that you will be in the best hands choose a surgeon who is trained, board-certified and highly experienced in performing hair transplant surgery or scalp reduction.

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