Proper Hair Washing After Hair Transplant -1st day to 7th Day

Proper hair washing is important if you want to keep your scalp a healthy place for your hair grafts to thrive. The importance of properly doing this is highlighted because this is also essential for a successful recovery. Aside from cleaning the area, it also prevents infection and improves the healing process.

1st Day

The first 24 hours after hair transplant surgery doesn’t really require any washing, since this is the time where both the scalp and the grafts are the most fragile. So just focus on relaxing and save the washing after a day.

Another thing that you also have to remember is that every surgeon can have their own post hair transplant care regimen. But here are general guidelines that can also help you.

On the first day after surgery, some clinics would ask you to come back for a wash. But for those clinics that don’t do this, you can do it yourself using the right techniques.

You can fill a cup with lukewarm water in which you add a few drops of shampoo. The key here is to use those mild products, preferably baby shampoos because they are extra gentle on the very sensitive hair and scalp. Mix this thoroughly and then pour it over your head.

You can actually massage the area, but make sure that you are careful and gentle enough to avoid dislodging the grafts. Then you thoroughly rinse the area and finish it with cool water.

2nd Day

You can do the same thing on the second day. If you had a strip method or FUT done, make sure to focus on the area near the wound and slowly work off those dried blood and crusts. You can actually use several cups of the shampoo solution poured over your head to thoroughly cover the entire area.

3rd Day

Again be very gentle when massaging, you only want to remove those dried up blood or crusting, not your grafts. You actually do the same ritual up until the third day.

4th and 5th Day

When you reach the fourth day, you might be relieved to ask that you can now progress your hair washing in the shower. You must ensure though that the shower pressure is not too hard on your head.

When applying shampoo you can now progress from pouring cups to actually lathering it with your own hands. Apply the shampoo using your palms for thorough coverage and then gently massage your scalp using the pads of your fingers while carefully avoiding the transplanted area.

6th Day

Do pretty much the same thing until the sixth day post hair transplant surgery. This will leave allow the scabs to eventually soften and ready to peel off on their own. But still remember to use soft strokes.

Make sure that you cut your nails short to avoid accidentally scratching the scalp or worse dislodging those hair grafts.

7th Day on wards

Day seven is a point where the routine might change a little bit. This means you can already wash your hair the way you normally do but still avoid putting a lot of pressure. Use circular motions over the area, and if you encounter some loose scabs continue massaging until it dislodges. For scabs that you feel are bit secured to be removed, just avoid working over these.

From day seven onwards the hair washing routing pretty much returns to how you usually do it but of course with better caution for the hair grafts.

Drying the area can be done by gently patting it with a soft towel and avoid vigorous rubbing.

Remember the first few days after the hair transplant are the most critical, that is why you have to be particularly strict with how you clean the area.