Male Pattern Hair Loss: Am I a Good Candidate for a Hair Transplant?

For those who are suffering from hair loss and are within desperate moves to have that normal head of hair, you might find yourself asking if you are a good candidate for a hair transplant.

There are instances where you might find yourself unable to grow back the good hairs with medications, that you deemed it best to get a hair transplant. But just like any procedure there are certain criteria that need to be met in order to pass for it. This is to ensure that there will be excellent results and to avoid any problems later on.

With every surgeon what they want to establish first with anyone who seeks hair transplantation is the realistic view about the procedure. There isn’t really a promise of perfection, but there will be good results. You have to be fully aware and prepared about immediate results; how long it would take to heal, and the patience you have to keep. If a surgeon is sure that this is established then you are emotionally and mentally prepared to undergo this cosmetic procedure.

Another factor that will determine on whether you are indeed a good candidate is your age. Generally surgeons would not advise if a patient is under the age of 25. The reason for this is that younger clients are prone to lose more hair over time. Another explanation is that male pattern hair loss presents later on in life, usually around the ages 40-50 or maybe even later. If a hair transplant was done a little early on, could result to hair loss pattern changes that would require corrective measures later on. It is also very important to conserve hairs from donor sites in order to have enough supply for a future procedure.

When it comes to gender, men are found out to be more suitable for transplants compared to women because the latter experiences overall thinning of hair. Guys on the other hand have areas of complete baldness.

Those who lost their hair due to physical or emotional stress or a psychological disorder is usually not a good candidate for a hair transplant. These conditions can be treated by medications, lifestyle modifications or therapy. However, those suffering from male androgenetic alopecia are usually the best candidates.

If you really want to know your status for a hair transplant surgery, you need to get a consultation with a doctor. Through this you can get a good evaluation that would eventually yield to better and maybe even permanent results.


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