How to Sleep After Hair Transplant?

How to Sleep After Hair Transplant?

After hair transplant surgery, it can be difficult for you when it comes to sleeping.

One of the common concerns when sleeping with newly transplanted hairs is the fear of possibly damaging the area while asleep. But doctors would tell you that it is uncommon for patients to rub their head when they are sleeping.

This is due to the action of your subconscious mind telling your body that there is an injury in the area. It directs your body to preserve that part because it acknowledges the fact that touching it would be painful.

But during those moments of slumber, doctors would suggest patients to sleep on their sides instead of lying flat on their backs. Since the scalp is still very sensitive at this point, a flat lying position can cause swelling. This may take a while to get used to, but it’s a precaution that would definitely be worth it in the end.

It is good to have a pillow arranged in an upright position at the head portion of the bead. This protects your head from bumping accidentally on the headboard.


Doctors would often remove the bandage once you get home, so you have to be very careful with your head at all times. . This is to prevent any blockage of the venous and lymphatic drainage of the scalp, which then causes swelling. This is something that should not be prolonged because it can also lengthen the healing time.

Don’t insist on dressing your head to assume that it is for protection because doing so will also risk the follicles from sticking to the cover. Most especially when there is still blood or crusting present.

It is also very important that you provide proper support for your head when lying down. Stacking several pillows together at around a 40-50 degree angle can help the swelling to subside. Just make sure that the grafted area is positioned on your pillow comfortably.

If you want to avoid rolling over while sleeping, you can place two large pillows on your side. Some patients suggest that a position where they place their arms and palms face down while they extend the legs can also help stabilize their position.

Other doctors also suggest airplane or travel pillows which are placed around the neck. They have the right firmness and support to prevent irritation on the donor site. It also keeps the grafts safe from rubbing unto the pillow.

To make this early pre-operative days more bearable, you can ask your doctor for medications that will help ease the pain and also to relax. Some clinics give their patients Vicodin (a strong pain medication which also has a sedative effect), while others use Valium or Xanax to help allay anxiety in those patients who are overly worried.

But if you want to ensure that your newly transplanted hair grafts remain to be intact, some hair transplant clinics offer their patients to take a visit the following day. They can offer to do and demonstrate the first hair wash that ensures the hair grafts to be kept in place.

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