How to Fix Bad Hair Transplant? Consult Good Hair Doctor

Although hair transplants were developed to answer the hair loss problems, but they don’t always have the guarantee of successful results. Especially in its early years, hair transplant results are less than desirable but somehow they provided to be a good remedy then. Unfortunately despite the advancements in both facilities and studies nowadays, there are some hair loss victims who get poor results. But there is a silver lining to this because bad hair transplants can be remedied by corrective procedures.

Years ago, people who received bad hair transplants just have to live with it. Some walk around with a head resembling like that of a doll’s, while others have those hairs growing at the wrong direction creating an awkward appearance.

This should not be the case today considering that the practice of surgical hair restoration has been going on for years now. The incidence of bad hair transplants should only happen rarely. But this is not the case. A number of hair clinics claims that a significant number of their patients come in for corrective procedures.

So how is repair done? First and foremost, you need to find a good surgeon. He should be board-certified, has the experience, and the skill to perform this delicate procedure. Ask for before and after photos and previous corrective procedure cases that he has done.

You need to be very keen on choosing the right surgeon because poor technique is what put you in this dilemma in the first place. So make sure that your doctor is up-to-date with the latest techniques.

You should also consult as many doctors as you can to really widen your options and choose which one gives you the safest and dependable technique.

To remedy the problem, especially in the case of bad hair plugs is to remove them. They are then divided into smaller units microscopically and then are each arranged strategically back into the scalp. They are placed in a particular pattern and direction that suits well with the surrounding hairs creating a more natural-looking appearance.

Another approach that some surgeons use is implanting a number of hair grafts in front of the bad implant. They are arranged by placing one hair graft and then followed by two follicular units at the back.

It should be expected that corrective hair transplants can be rather pricey since it requires a careful precision and time consuming. Of course repair takes more work considering that they have to fashion the previous result in order to make it look more desirable. So make sure that you prepare yourself financially because this can take you back a couple of thousands.

You see, you only have very limited resources (hair grafts) to work on, which is why if you are considering hair transplant, you should always ensure that you find a very good surgeon.

However, for those who have a poorly done hair transplant done back in the procedure’s infantile stages, you really need to be proactive in making sure that your surgeon is capable of repairing the damage.