How Can You Help Your Man Fight Hair Loss

Hair loss is a condition suffered by a large part of the population, most commonly by men. Even though it is quite common already, this can still create a blow to someone’s self-esteem. If your man is starting to show signs of hair loss, here are some measures that you can do to help him out.

Prepare him meals that are rich in hair-friendly nutrients.

Diet plays an important part in promoting a healthy head of hair or preventing hair loss. So by preparing foods that are rich in protein, vitamin A, vitamin B complex, vitamin E, and folic acid, you give him the nutrients needed to promote hair repair, hair growth and hair strength. Healthy doesn’t have to be boring, sprinkle in some creativity in your menu as you aid your guy into a gastronomic treat towards a full head of hair.

Get him to work out.

It might be high time to get those trainers out if you want to help your man retain his hair. Although the effects of exercise may not be evident right away, regularly doing this can actually create significant improvement to his system. Sweating it out can help in eliminating the toxins that are also promoting hair loss.

Give him a head massage.

Did you know that a head massage can also help in strengthening the hair strands? Your man will not only appreciate the soothing and relaxing massage, but it will also stimulate his follicles remain active thanks to the improved circulation. For an added treat, use essential oils. These not only help soothe the senses but these also contain hair health benefits.

Prepare him a cup of tea.

According to herbalists, a daily cup of nettle tea or rosemary tea can help in stopping hair loss and promote hair health. So instead of downing sodas or alcoholic beverages, which can also contribute to hair loss, it would do your man more good if you give him some tea instead. Tea can be hard to chug down especially for those who are not avid drinkers. If you want to give it an extra kick, you can add in some lemon or honey.

Help him to de-stress.

Stress also plays a major part in hair loss, and if your guy is constantly rammed with a lot of stressors everyday this can aggravate the shedding. You can help him counter the effects of stress by treating him to a relaxing massage, or go out and do something relaxing. You may not really answer all his problems causing the stress, but doing something to help cut back the stressors can also do good to his system and consequently to his hair.

Help him in choosing the right hair care products

Men are not always so concerned about hair care, and if your guy is this kind, you can help him shop for the right hair care products.  It is important that he use the right shampoo for his hair type because the wrong products can lead to or aggravate hair loss. If he is fond of using gels, clays, and masks, tell him to use a clarifying shampoo once a month to effectively cleanse his hair and scalp from all those products, which regular shampoo is not able to do. Buildup of styling chemicals will eventually pose damage to the hair and scalp.