Hair Loss Linked to Heart Problems, Japanese Researchers Reported

New research that is out today claims that hair loss is not just a matter of vanity but it also suggests serious health problems. According to Japanese researchers from the University of Tokyo, balding men have an increased likelihood of suffering from heart disease compared to those gifted with more locks.

The researchers in Japan which was headed by Dr. Kazuo Hara noticed a trend after compiling six studies from America and Europe which looked into the link between male hair loss, congenital traits and cardiovascular disease.  They found that those males who have gone bald on the crown area of the head had a 52% chance of developing coronary artery disease than those with a full head of hair.

For those who only suffered from receding hairlines, studies have suggested that these victims have a 22% chance of developing heart disease. Researchers are saying that these numbers should not be a cause for alarm.

But the risk is increased for those who are experiencing crown baldness and a receding hairline, also referred to as severe vertex baldness. The study shows that they have a 69% likelihood of developing a heart condition.

In three out of the six studies that were looked into, men’s health was followed for eleven years. They found that study participants who lost more than half of the hairs on their head were highly likely to develop coronary artery disease by up to one thirds compared to those guys who have a healthy head of hair.

The study also looked into younger males, particularly those who are below 55 years old and are experiencing premature baldness. Researchers have come to the conclusion that they are at a 44% risk of developing coronary artery disease.

As for the other three studies, it showed that men who are balding regardless of their age have a 70% chance of suffering from heart disease. But it also specified that those who beling to the younger age group have a higher chance of up to 84%.

Therefore, after looking through 37,000 cases these Japanese researchers are saying that most men will experience hair loss by the time they turn 50. Dr. Tomohide Yamata who was also part of the study said, “We found a significant, though modest, link between baldness, at least on top of the head, and risk for coronary heart disease.”

This suggests that more studies are needed to determine the link between male pattern baldness and heart disease.

One hypothesis states that aside from thinning the hair testosterone levels are also able to thicken artery walls which can increase blood pressure.  Another theory on the other hand states that baldness is also caused by poor blood supply to the hair follicles thus causing them to fall off excessively.  This scenario is quite similar to the chicken and egg debate.

But you should remember that the thickness and health of your hair should be the only determinant of your overall health. And neither should excessive hair loss cause you to rush of to your heart doctor.

Simply stick to a healthy lifestyle instead. Steer clear from fatty diets, a sedentary lifestyle and increased amounts of stress. Not only will these cause hair to fall in excess amounts but it also keeps the heart happy.