First Live Hair Transplant Online with Michael Gray

Thanks to Wayne Rooney’s public fight with hair loss and his admission to getting a hair transplant, because it moved a number of men suffering the same condition to be more proactive in treating it. This encouraged another UK sports celebrity, ex-England defender Michael Gray, to have the procedure but in a more public fashion. He had his hair transplant broadcasted live on the web.

Former footballer Michael Gray, 37, is also among those men who lost a significant amount of hair early on life. It is a common perception that hair loss usually happens during old age. But with androgenetic alopecia, or what is also called as male pattern hair loss, it can strike any age in males, with some as young as teenagers. In facts 20% of the total male population affected are those in their 20’s to 30’s. See his interview below.

Gray also realized that he can benefit more with hair transplant, seeing that is a permanent solution that will give him faster results compared to other hair loss treatments. And he chose Dr. Bessam Farjo to perform the live hair transplant done last June 11, 2011 at 11 in the morning and finished around 4 pm.

Dr. Farjo is also a leader in the field of surgical hair restoration, being the medical director of the Institute of Trichologists. While the procedure was being done, Dr. Farjo was also answering questions via Twitter. His goal about having the hair transplant done live is to give attention on hair loss and hair transplant.

He realized that even though people know about the procedure, the fact about how it is really done is still vague for most people. Seeing it live, with its step by step process played out for everyone interested to see will give raw and specific details. An explanation or a picture still holds a number of limitations compared to seeing the actual process being done.

The hair transplant will be performed by two doctors assisted by 8 nursing technicians in order to finish within the expected 5-6 hour time range, which was done in the renowned Farjo Medical Centre. The session was hosted by Brian Beacon, the author of Diary of a Hair Transplant: The Search for David Cassidy Hair.

According to Dr. Farjo the technique used is the traditional strip method. He is specially trained in this procedure and is a widely known to provide ultra-refined follicular unit transplantation (FUT).

With FUT, a strip of the scalp is removed at the back of the head which contains the donor hairs. While the hair technicians carefully extract the hair grafts, the surgeon prepares the recipient area by create small micro incisions in which to implant the donor hair. For better comfort throughout the procedure, the surgeon injects local anesthesia both in the donor and recipient sites.

The final results of the hair transplant will can be visible within 8-12 months. And if done right this will create a natural-looking result. In order to achieve this Farjo ensured that the right distribution, angle, direction and placement is done.

For Gray, he sees this as a great opportunity to share to the public how hair transplant is really done. It provides a positive light on this procedure that has been gaining a lot of attention lately.

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