Curly Hair Transplant in Sydney: Is this Possible?

Supposing that you prefer to use the more thorough course to hair restoration, a hair transplant is regarded as among the most desirable solutions that you can employ. But when conducting the fact-finding you had have noticed that the majority of the help and advice available are not really concentrated on the curly-haired hair loss sufferers. So for individuals who are losing their curly locks in substantial volumes, here are some information and facts relating to this specific hair transplant.

Is harvesting curly hair more difficult? 

People with curly tresses who are affected by androgenetic alopecia present a significantly greater difficulty for hair surgeons. In comparison to the more usual traditional hair transplants, the removal and insertion procedure demands additional awareness to detail, exceptional care and an extended time to be accomplished. Therefore, you need to select a surgeon who is qualified and skilled in executing this technique.

The issue with curly hair is that the whole framework of the hair follicle takes on a spiral, from the end way up to the roots. A hair surgeon must be extremely cautious when performing the extraction so as to preserve the integrity of the hair and prevent any unintended damage.

Just as the extraction procedure is complicated, embedding it is also as tricky. The surgeon needs to execute added time and effort to inject the hair to guarantee that it remains intact, at the proper bend, and appropriate distribution. It is also essential that he preserve a good eye for details to ascertain that the outcomes are natural-looking. The surgeon should also have the expertise to stick correctly in the hair grafts to prevent its failure to survive in its new place.

There are isolated cases where a patient’s donor hairs at the back end of the head is less curly than the ones that he lost. This worries them because the outcome could appear less pleasing as a result of the quality of the implanted locks. But the beauty of nature is that it allows the hair grafts to adapt the attributes of the hair that was initially on that spot.

The advantages of curly hair

The advantage with curly hair, however, is that it generally requires a modest quantity of grafts to obtain good coverage. This because of the volumized effect that one curly hair creates. It pretty much emerges from the scalp which gives the semblance of fullness. Therefore it can be pointed out that hair transplant for this hair classification can produce superior aesthetic outcomes.

Meanwhile, straight hair has a tendency to fall near the scalp, which is why more hair is required to occupy the balding site. Nevertheless operating with this kind of hair is much more convenient.

The right hair transplant technique

If you wish to know whether the FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) or the “strip method” and FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) may possibly be carried out on curly hair transplants, indeed both choices can. These techniques should be modified to protect the easily breakable curly hairs.

Due to all the added factors that are involved with the operation and the period that it calls for it to complete, it is going to set you back a lot more than the typical hair transplant. The advantage here is that you are only going to require less hair follicles, which results in minor stress to your scalp.

However to let it all go well, you must select a really good hair transplant surgeon who is highly skilled in performing the operation.