Celebrity Hair Transplant: Sir Elton John Hair Restoration


Photo credit: david_shankbone via Foter.com / CC

When it comes to having some cosmetic surgery done, one of the wisest things to do is to check out the results that other people have. The easiest examples come from celebrities, and in the area of hair transplants, Elton John is a name that strikes a chord when it comes to hair restoration success stories.

Hair loss is a condition that affects a large population of aging men. It has become so common that we often relate hair loss or balding as part of the natural process of aging. But it becomes a whole other story when it strikes men who are in their twenties and thirties. This is not the “normal” thing to see or experience, and it can surely create a body image disturbance in the individual who is affected.

Young men comprise 20% of the total number of hair loss victims from what is medically called as androgenetic alopecia or male pattern baldness. This did not spare England’s pop icon when his hairline started receding in his late twenties and worsened when he reached his thirties. As a result, this made him look much older than he really was.

At that time, hair transplant was at its infantile stage and still creating poor results. This is why the usual measures to cover up hair loss or balding are hairpieces such as wigs or toupees, and sometimes the unflattering comb-overs. Elton John even dumped his signature hats by using wigs and then a whole era followed with this type of hair fashion.

But Elton John made the good decision to have his hair transplant done when the practice was already into full swing at giving natural-looking results.

Hair transplant was definitely able to give him the solution that he needed because today, he is sporting a full head of hair with impressive thickness. The work was carefully done that it showed no sign that his hairline was created artificially.

Although there are no specific literature as to the exact technique used on Elton John a lot of forums, and even surgeons claim that his is the perfect example of the effectiveness of a hair transplant.

He could either be sporting an FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) commonly known as the strip method, or an FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction).

However there are also reports that Elton John is also wearing a hairpiece along with his hair transplant. The reason is that kind of hair loss that he had was too extensive that the remaining hairs he had was not enough to stand as donor grafts.

In order to improve hair density, a hairpiece is sometimes used. According to some surgeons, for cases like these a hair transplant may just have to be done along the hairline and the temple area while a hairpiece is used to cover up the crown area.

But for an approach that will suit your particular condition, it is best to consult a board certified surgeon. In Elton John’s case, he sure did the right move when he chose his hair transplant surgeon because he has been taking back years with the kind mane crowning his head.

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