Causes of Hair Loss: Weight Loss and Dieting

We are all about losing weight, slimming down or getting trimmed, whatever you want to call it. That is why weight loss programs are garnering so much attention and has become a lucrative industry. However, the downside to this is that some people go too far with it, that instead of making them healthy, it is pushing them to succumb to unhealthy weight loss practices. And with that they make themselves vulnerable to hair loss.

For some people who badly want to lose the extra weight there is a tendency that they cut back on a lot of foods. And this does not count only the high caloric, high fat or high sugar diets, but even the healthy ones as well. Which is why there is a big tendency that they lack the nutrients that they need to keep healthy.

These individuals cut back on a big amount of weight in a small amount of time that it shocks their system. What happens is that it forces your body to thrive on a very drastically low amount of calories. Adding to this is the low amount of vitamins and minerals. As a defence mechanism your body channels the remaining nutrients to those organs that need it the most, this would mean your vital organs.

Since your hair is not one of the vital organs which receives the meager amounts of nutrients, your body would have to compensate for this. It places your hair to a resting phase, which means that it stops producing new hair.

In addition to that, depriving your body from the nutrients through a drastic change in diet also affects your hormone levels. The moment that they go haywire, your hairs are the easiest target, leading them to fall off in excessive amounts. Therefore it is best to stay off crash or fad diets because they can also mitigate hair loss.

The same thing happens to individuals suffering from eating disorders. Since they are depriving or even eliminating themselves from the nutrients needed for their body, hair loss is highly likely to occur.

If you want to lose weight without sacrificing your locks, the Mayo Clinic suggests that you do it in a gradual manner. You should cut back give or take two pounds per week. This amount will not shock your body and it will allow it to respond better to the changes.

But don’t worry if you happen to be suffering from it now. Hair loss that is caused by sudden and drastic weight loss can be reversible. Feed your body with the right foods and just give it time to recuperate from nutritional deficiency. It is even better to take multivitamin supplements in order to cover the gaps.

To be on the safe side, it is best to work collaboratively with a dietician or a physician to get you on the right track. Share your fitness or weight loss goals so they can arrange you with a diet plan that will suit you best. You see, the hair loss that is associated with weight loss can only be avoided by learning how to manage the right amount of nutrients into your system.