Best Hair Transplant Solution for Thinning Hair in Men

If you are considering getting a hair transplant done, then you also might be wondering what type of hair transplant solution is right for you. There are two approaches that are available, and these are FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) or the “strip method” and FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction). Let’s elaborate into these two to give you a clearer understanding as to why one is best for men than the other.

The FUT method is one that has proven itself to give impressive hair restoration results as it remains to be a standard in securing hair grafts for transplant. It is named to be a strip method because a strip of your scalp with the donor hairs is carefully removed in order to extract the grafts more effectively. These individual hair grafts are then meticulously extracted using microscopic technology.

However with FUT there will always be that chance of developing a long scar across the back of your scalp. So if you are among the majority of guys who like to wear their hair short, then this you might want to rethink about getting this procedure. But if you grow your hair maybe a few centimetres long, then it can conceal this betraying scar.

For this reason the second and newer method which is FUE was introduced. Experts were looking for ways in order to make scars or the hair restoration treatment less discreet. There will be some minute scars but they are much more easy to hide compared to the one you get with FUT.

In a Follicular Unit Extraction method hair grafts are removed individually on your scalp using a special instrument which is hollowed in the middle to make small diameter punches. Through this, only very small round scars are formed making it very hard to detect even with very short hair.

With this approach you must expect to shell out some extra bucks because it is very labour intensive. But if you want one that has a faster healing time, then you can benefit from an FUE. But there are some reports saying that an FUE yields lesser success in hair growth because of the mechanical damage hair grafts are subjected to in the process.

So how do you really know which hair transplant procedure is best for you? First you have to determine what it that you really want as an end result is. Are you more determined to sport a less scarred head, or do you want to ensure the best results despite the chance of scarring? Aside from what you have learned here, it is always best to get a personal consultation with a certified and skilled physician for a thorough evaluation.

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