Are Men With Shaved Heads Has An Advantage?

It is expected that men are not as worked up as the ladies when it comes to their looks. But when they get struck with balding, it can certainly take a lash at their confidence and self-esteem. But if you are a guy who is starting to get a receding hairline, don’t feel helpless just yet. Recent studies show that men who shave their heads are deemed to exude more masculinity than other guys.

You might have noticed that popular action hunks in Hollywood are donning a chrome dome. From Bruce Willis, Vin Diesel, Jason Statham, and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, these men showed more toughness and more personality which made them really stand out. This gives balding men a new hope especially when they want to revive their image.

This was proven by a study that was spearheaded by researcher Albert Mannes, a lecturer at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and who is also experiencing balding himself. His study states that these follicular-challenged men can gain an edge over their hairy peers, if they opt to shave their hair off.

The research comprised of three experiments. The first experiment had 60 participants go through a series of photos of different men who basically had similar ages and attire. The only difference is that some of the guys in the photos had clean shaven heads, while others had a full head of hair. During this exercise, the participants were asked to rate the guys in terms of how authoritative, influential and powerful they looked. The results showed that those guys with shaven heads topped the ranks.

In the second experiment, the participants were shown images of four men. The image of each guy was shown twice. One photo had hair, while the other was digitally altered to make the subjects bald. Most of the participants concluded said that the altered photos made the subjects look more dominant and stronger. They were also perceived to appear taller than when they had hair.

During the third part of the experiment, Mannes gave written and verbal descriptions. Some were described as having thick manes while others were described as having shaven heads. The men who were described to have fully shaved heads scored higher for masculinity, leadership, dominance, and strength.

These results imply that those guys with shaved heads are viewed as someone who has stronger personality that really stands out. They are also giving out an influential appearance.

Some even consider men with shaved heads  has a business advantage. Business leaders such as Netscape’s Marc Andreessen and Amazon CEO Jeffrey Bezos have their own versions of the shaved look.

These men claim that shaving it all of conceals their age better compared to when they have receding hairlines or sporting unflattering toupees or those less impressive comb-overs.

There are also studies such as the one released in the journal of Social, Psychological and Personality Science which showed that men who are experiencing male pattern baldness are the least effective.

Yes, there can be a list of treatments available, such as medications, hair transplant surgery, and laser treatments which can go to the thousands. Or you can simply take the easier and cheaper alternative by shaving it all off.