An All-Natural Hair Loss Product for Men Now Available

The start of the New Year also brings new hope for hair loss victims. An all-natural hair loss solution specifically designed for men is now made available in the name of Procerin.

Procerin is prepared for the male biology to provide those suffering from male pattern hair loss, a risk-free way of treating it. This eliminates possible side effects which were ensured after thorough clinical studies and physician reviews.

Procerin comes as a two-part solution. The first is the tablet form which has to be taken orally, and the second is a topical foam solution.

According to the spokesperson for Procerin, Gabe Urist, these tablets “contain all natural, powerful DHT blockers that have been proven in university and clinical studies worldwide.” He also adds that, “Procerin XT Topical Foam contains powerful hair growth stimulating compounds that have been clinically proven to assist in the regrowth of hair.

When the two are used together, the tablet and the foam create a broad effect when it comes to fending hair loss the natural way.

This seems to be like a good sigh of relief for hair loss victims who have been dependent on common hair loss drugs. The side effects that previous products are not only disturbing, but even devastating as it affects the male reproductive health.

Compared to other hair loss products, the mechanism in which Procerin works is simple. It reverses the effects of hair loss caused by androgenetic alopecia. This is a condition where testosterone is converted to DHT, and high levels of this hormone can be damaging to the hair resulting to excessive scalp hair loss. What Procerin does is to block the conversion process minimizing the levels of DHT in the body without affecting natural testosterone levels.

The ability to leave testosterone levels alone while working to stop hair loss eliminates sexual side effects. The reason for this is also due to the 17 natural ingredients which are of pharmaceutical grade quality.

Since it is still new in the market there aren’t much patient reviews available. But it is really promising that one can try it without fearing of any temporary or long term sexual side effects.

For the best action in treating hair loss naturally, Procerin needs to be taken twice daily for at least 2 months. It is usually around this time that results will slowly be visible.

The product is not available in stores, and you can only buy it on the company’s website. Value packs which contain both tablet and foam are also available.

Procerin is ideal for men between the ages 18-35 whose hairs are currently in the growth phase. You can even achieve fuller and thicker hair along with retaining your locks if the product is started before hair ends the growth phase.

However, the catch here is that successful results will still be determined on how the body responds to the treatment. For hair loss that cannot be treated through less invasive means, hair transplant is still a viable option.