Alternative Hair Loss Treatment: Wig Service for Hair Loss Sufferers

Those who are suffering from hair loss might find a good solution in the unique wig service offered by the Isle of Wight NHS. It is one of the few that are trusted to provide wig specialist service in the UK by assisting patients with their hair loss problem.

According to the head of orthotics, Carol Mabey, “Changes in a person’s appearance can influence self-esteem and confidence, and in some cases, can make them feel uncomfortable about socializing.”

When it comes to hair loss the first concern is the physical changes that it creates. This is also one of the main reasons why those who suffer from it are very much driven to treat the problem because they want to regain normalcy in how they look.

That is why it is very important that these patients are given both sensitive and professional support. Because not only are they battling the underlying issues that are causing hair loss, but also the effects that it has to their self-esteem.

The service provided by the NHS promises patients personal care so that those men and women affected by hair loss can feel better about themselves.

Through a combination of clinical and hairdressing skills, the agency also aims to deliver a personalized service in a calm, private and friendly environment. This helps those patients with long-term and short-term hair loss which is a result of chemotherapy or hair loss.

The service can be accessed through a referral from healthcare professionals which would usually take about two weeks. After that, the patient then meets up with the wig specialist who is both a certified clinician and a fully qualified hairdresser. To ensure that patient’s privacy the consultation and fitting takes place in a separate room.

Debbie Malcolm, who is an assistant orthotic practitioner and a wig specialist, explained, “We fully appreciate this can be a very emotional and sensitive experience and we will try to make the consultation as easy as possible for the patient.”

A catalogue of wigs with different styles and colors are available. Here the patient can choose and discuss with the personnel also for advising. For those that they have chosen but are not in stock would still be ordered for approval during a fitting appointment. This is to ensure that the patient is happy with the wig of their choice.

Once the patient has made the final decision, the staff will trim and shape it to fit it perfectly with the patient’s facial profile. This is to make it look more fitting and natural-looking because wigs often have the tendency to look awkward when it does not suit the person’s profile well.

The wigs used are made out of acrylic, and they are pre-styled by the wigs specialist.

The ones that are provided by the Isle of Wight NHS are available upon prescription only. National prescriptions are also included with some exemptions that will be specified during consultation.

For those who are battling with hair loss and wants to find an easy, non-invasive and quick solution, a wig is one of the best options. Services like the ones provided by the NHS puts the use of this common hairpiece to a new level as they make sure that it adapts well to the profile of the patient. Although it is only a temporary solution as opposed to more definite measures such as transplant surgery, this can surely provide the remedy needed for the time being.