7 Tips on How to Hydrate Hair

Hydration is an essential factor to the health of your hair because this keeps each strand shiny, resilient, and strong. Aside from the nutrients, you also need to keep your locks healthy by providing it with adequate water content in that way you keep it healthy and avoid exposing it to eventual hair loss. So here are some tips on how to properly hydrate your hair follicles.

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Drink up!

Of course when we think of hydration the first thing that comes to mind is to increase your fluid intake, and this is actually right. You need to take in 6-8 tall glasses of water every day for the healthy amounts of fluid in your system. This will enable your body to provide the adequate moisture that your hair follicles need.

Use moisturizing shampoos

Another way to improve or maintain moisture to your hair is to opt for shampoos that have good moisturizing content.  These are often packaged as “shampoos for dry hair”, “replenishing” or those that have “deep moisturizing action”.  These types of shampoos contain oils that will help seal in moisture in each hair shaft. You should keep an eye out for those products that contain alcohol and sulfate because this can have a drying effect which depletes the natural oils of your scalp.

Deep conditioners

To keep your hairs hydrated it is best that you use a deep conditioner once a week. What makes this different from the typical conditioners is that it contains more moisturizing factors that will give your hair better fullness. If your hair is severely dry and damaged, you can use deep conditioners twice a week until your hair starts to recover. It fills out the holes in your hair strands that lead to poor porosity of the hair. Deep conditioning also improves the hairs elasticity because of the emollient content.

Avoid everyday washing

Washing your hair daily can lead to dryness because this strips the hair off its natural oils and moisture. You can skip it a day or two given that you are not constantly exposed to sweating, dirt and extreme heat. Not washing your hair daily will also let your scalp adjust to this, and it triggers your body to adjust hence oil production is also lessened.

Use the right water temperature

Some of us may be fond of dousing in a warm shower, but you must know that this can be very drying to your scalp and hair. To properly remove the dirt and grime off your hair, you can use lukewarm water to wash it. But you should always finish this or rinse it with cold water in order to properly seal in moisture. Aside from preventing damage, it also eliminates frizz.

Dry your hair properly after washing

The manner of drying your hair can also affect its hydration. I know most of us are hard pressed for time to wait for our hairs to dry up before rushing out the door. That is why we largely rely on hair dryers. To properly dry your hair naturally, make sure that you don’t rub it with your towel, but squeeze it instead. This prevents damaging your sensitive wet hair.  If you should use hair dryers, it is advisable that you use those types that produce cool air.

Brush your hair regularly

Another way to keep your hair hydrated is to brush your hair regularly. The strokes will help you to distribute your natural oils evenly giving your hair better moisture.

As you can see, it is actually very simple to keep your hair hydrated. Doing these tips on a regular basis will significantly improve the health and condition of your hair which will save you from the expensive.