5 Risky Reasons in Getting Cheap Hair Transplant


Hair problems have plagued us for the longest time but it is only now that people have become more open and willing to look for its cure. This need has created a boom for the hair transplant industry, attracting a lot of clinics that promise to give you back your missing hair strands. However, you need to be wary of promises that come at a very low price. Below are some of the reasons why you should never scrimp on hair transplant and the possible dangers you might be putting yourself into when you do.

Unbelievably Cheap is Never Good

Before going to a hair surgeon, make sure that you are aware of the industry and the prices that are currently being offered. If you find the price absurdly low compared to the others, something has got to give and the first thing that usually does is the quality of the work.

Always remember that nothing is free. So, everything that is factored into the cost translates into an expense that is necessary to provide you the procedure.

Clinics have overhead cost and it does take a lot of money to run them. Every clinic invests on a team of qualified and credible team of experts who will take care of your hair loss needs from start to finish — from the doctor, nurses, and other professionals like the anesthesiologists and even the secretary. No surgery can ever happen without the necessary medications and they require money too. Rent or lease also takes a big chunk of the cost. So, to run a successful and reputable business, you really need to charge such costs to your clients.

To top it all off, hair transplants are invasive and as such, not only calls for expertise but also the surgeon’s critical eye to detail and aesthetics to give you the results that you desire. So, if your hair surgeon offers you ridiculously low offer or starts to offer you a lot of other things aside from the hair transplant itself, consider how the following would affect the success of your hair transplant.

Possibly Hardly Any Training and Certification

Hair transplants require a lot in terms of a doctor’s expertise and experience, hence they do not come cheap. This kind of training is specialized, which means time, hard work, and money invested by the practitioner to provide optimum results for the patient. After the training, certification should also be double-checked to be absolutely positive that the clinic can deliver the goods. Certification also costs a lot but it is a great investment for professionals who value the legitimacy of their business. If the clinic is willing to offer their services for cheap prices, think of what they can actually do without the proper training and certification of the clinics with higher prices.

Low Pay Equals Low Motivation

Salaries represent a huge chunk of the overhead cost of a clinic. If the business claims to run at the rate they are giving, the salaries would definitely take the cut. What happens if the staff is demotivated or not even motivated at all? The service suffers and this is bound to create more problems than you can ever imagine. The chances of getting a botched transplant increase tremendously and this can happen so easily, granted that the procedure deals with fine and delicate materials that require a lot of precision and care. When an employee is properly compensated, there would be a genuine concern for the welfare of the patient.

Part-Time Clinics

To save on cost, the clinic might hire their people on a part-time basis. Nothing out of the ordinary if you think of it. But here’s the thing. Let us say 3,000 grafts are required for the transplant and it would need more than 7 hours for everything to be completed. The result is a look that seems to be just around 800 grafts. By factoring the part time element into the picture, the people of the clinic would try to rush everything according to the time they are paid. Unfortunately, it is the patient who will suffer from the bad results that could include obvious looking transplants and bad hair growth.

Unethical Surgical Hair Restoration Practices

Every country should have a regulatory board that provides potential patients valuable information on how the procedure should be. If you find any inconsistencies between the offer and the information provided by the board, do not push through.

One such unethical practice is promoting a non-scarring procedure in the guise of pitting FUE vs FUT. This is absolutely unethical because both approaches have their merits and it is up to the patient to chose what is best for them.

Another empty promise is a head full of hair. Though the goal is to restore the natural fullness of the scalp, this takes time and shall never manifest immediately if ever it does. An expert would never utter such promises because he knows what that promise truly means.

Some clinics would also have the audacity to let the secretary face the patient instead of the doctor who is supposed to do the procedure. Simply and completely unethical, it also says a lot about the dedication of the doctor and the clinic itself to the outcome that they guarantee. A secretary would never be able to answer any of the important technical concerns and can only sell more services at most and this is irresponsibility at its worst.

When a clinic sells you other things aside from their expertise, be immediately on your toes. Some would sell machines that are supposed to do the job. Not that anything is wrong with technology, but at this point, the sophistication of such machines has yet to reach the efficiency required to do the job.

And finally, there are clinics that are owned and operated by non-physicians who have this dubious set-up of employing physicians that are at their clinics but hardly have anything to do with the surgery itself. This is absolutely a sure-fire formula for a hair disaster that’s just waiting to happen.

Should any of these manifest before your scheduled transplant, do not think twice and just walk away.

If you are looking for a hair transplant clinic that will provide you value for money quality results, visit us now at the Australian Institute for Hair Restoration. Our resident hair restoration expert, Dr. Andrew Kim, has been in the industry for a number of years. Dr. Kim is well-trained in both FUE and FUT methods and has a long list of satisfied clients.

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