5 Reasons Why Patients Choose FUT Hair Transplant Technique

Number of grafts maximized

The number of hair grafts that can be harvested during an FUT procedure is maximized during a single session. This procedure involves the use of the stereoscopic microscope which improves the result graft harvesting. The high magnification allows better yield of intact hair making excellent quality grafts for transplant. The process involved with FUE increases the likelihood of damage as it is sort of a blind approach which could cut through the follicle if done at a poor angle.

Since you don’t have the luxury of hair to be used as grafts, it is very important that these are very much maximized. This technique could allow as much as 3500 grafts to be transplanted.

Better hair coverage compared to FUE

Since FUT provides better yield after extraction, this significantly improves your chances at achieving better hair coverage. Also, FUT provides fewer traumas to the head because the hair grafts are removed in one strip, compared to the FUE where repeated punches would have to be made to singularly remove the hairs directly from the scalp. With FUT the scalp is spared from too much trauma allowing it to be a more conducive environment for the implanted hairs.

Less damage to hair grafts

Follicular damage during extraction is one of the challenges faced during both approach. The good thing about FUT is that the extraction process is done under a microscope greatly reducing the level of damage to the hair follicles. It reduces transection rate significantly resulting to better graft survival.

The process can be achieved faster

FUE would only require the expertise of one surgeon to perform the hair extraction. Whereas with FUT the extent of the procedure can be reduced because after the surgeon removes the strip of scalp containing the hair grafts, hair technicians then works on this to remove the donor hairs with the aid of a stereoscopic microscope. While this is being done, the surgeon sutures the scalp back together and prepares the recipient site. The teamwork results to a faster hair transplant process.

Also, what can be done in 2-3 FUE surgeries can be accomplished with just one FUT procedure.

More affordable than FUE

FUE requires more tedious labor that it why it costs more than FUT. Since this hair transplant technique requires meticulous removal and specific angles since this procedure no longer uses high powered microscope, certain expertise is required. Surgeons who perform this procedure would charge you more compared to that of an FUT.